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Top of the Best Meat Grinder on the Market for your Kitchen and how to choose a Best Meat Grinder

There are so many different meat grinders that you can find out there. They vary in almost everything from shape, to functions, to materials, power consumption and many other features. Choosing the best one is a nightmare since it’s confusing. This best meat grinder review is meant to guide you into selecting the right grinder for your kitchen. There are many ways to go about the choosing process that help each consumer pick the meat grinder that meets their unique tastes and budget. Here are some of the best meat grinder you will be proud to own.

Best meat grinder

 LEM Products 75HP Stainless-Steel Electric Meat Grinder

This is arguably the best meat grinder you can lay your hands on today. This 75 HP meat grinder from LEM is a true workhouse perfectly designed to meet serious meat processing needs. The 75 horsepower motor runs with extra power. It is even strong enough to grind cartilage, bones and sinew without getting clogged up or overheating like many grinders do. Casual cooks might not need so much power to make meatloaf or hamburgers, but restaurant meat cutters and hunters love it all the way. Many who haven’t tried it would definitely love it too. It is a sturdy and robust grinder with massive but balanced handle and can grind 360lbs meat in just a single hour. The handle of this grinder can be removed and returned easily.

Best meat grinder for your kitchen

LEM Products 75HP Stainless-Steel Electric Meat Grinder

 STX TurboForce-3000 Series 3Speed electric Meat Grinder

This is a high quality machine that is highly popular among chefs, cooks, or any other meat cutting activities. It popularity is facilitated by its rich features that makes it stand above its competitors. This meat grinder is perfectly tough built and this adds to its already durable nature. STX TurboForce is high powered with a motor that has a highest output power of 3Kw. This power can grind a large quantity of meat and bones within just a few minutes. It saves time and is result oriented. The meat grinder comes with 3 top quality cutting blades that are also made of stainless steel. It also comes with tempered steel grindings plates with 3 different sizes, medium, course, and fine. The entire machine parts have strong ability to resist corrosion and can function continuously for a long time without heating up or clogging up. That latter ability is explained by the 3000 wattage capacity of its motor.

 Sunmile SM-G73-ETL Stainless-Steel Meat Grinder

Now, this is the meat grinder that you should go for if you want to spend less on a superior product. In other words, this Sunmile meat grinder is always a great deal for the buyer. It is reasonably priced while it has some of the best features. The grinder has a motor of 600watt power and the lock power of up to 1 Kw. It’s rated at 1.6 horsepower, which is enough to serve even a large family kitchen and perfectly and efficiently. It is amazing that this simple machine can grind 185lbs meat per hour. It is a masterpiece, designed to deliver with content and doesn’t heat up or clog when it has worked for long.

Stainless-Steel Meat Grinder

Sunmile SM-G73-ETL Stainless-Steel Meat Grinder

 How to Choose the Best Meat Grinder

 Type of Grinder

There are 3 different types of meat grinders from which you can choose. The three are Manual Grinders, Electric Grinders and Attachment Grinders. The three types functions differently, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses that can be evaluated to come up with what suits your preference.

Quantity of Meat

To choose the best meat grinder, you must consider the quantity of meat you handle within a given time. If you only use meat occasionally, then a simple hand grinder is enough for you. But if you have a large family and or you use meat regularly, then you need something big and powerful.

Grinder Size and Weight

The size and weight of a grinder is an essential consideration in meat grinder selection. If you move around with your grinder, you need to consider a portable meat grinder. The space available is also important for consideration.

Every modern kitchen deserves a good meat grinder because it makes it easy for you to chop and grind that meat within no time. The right meat grinder is the perfect method to prevent injurious additives and chemicals from sneaking into your diet. Choose your meat grinder wisely.

Important Criteria for Selecting the Best Meat Grinder

A meat grinder allows you to enjoy a home-cooked chemical free healthy ground meat. Whether you want to make hamburgers or sausages the grinder advances your technique. A high-end meat grinder enables you to grind fine meat in just a short period. Grinding meat at home is not just safer it gives your meat better texture and flavor. Choosing the right meat grinder from the wide range of brands available in the market can be challenging. This timeless kitchen appliance has been used in homes and even in hotels. Choosing the right meat grind ensures that your kitchen needs are adequately satisfied. It is, therefore, vital to ensure you choose a good meat grinder.

Tips on Choosing a Good Meat Grinder

Type and size of meat grinder- The best meat grinder for an average home owner is the average size that is suitable enough meat for two to three people. However, to grind more meat especially while making sausages or hamburgers it is important to buy a more powerful and fast meat grinder. The grinder you buy should be appropriate for the purpose, frequency and capacity you intend to cook.

best meat grinder for your kitchen

Blade, blates best meat grinder

  • Cost-There are different types of meat grinders with discrepancies in function and price available in the market. The price of a meat grinder based on the kind of motor integrated internally. Sometimes a certain style may be pricier and it is important to choose the grinder that suits your price range. The price of the meat grinder may differ based on commercial grade and features. A buyer can first make a list of all the important features that they require from a meat grinder and then make a decision based on features. There is a big range of grinder prices. Electric grinders have a powerful motor hence are more expensive than manual grinders.
  • Type of grinder- There are different types of meat grinders and choosing the appropriate grinder will ensure you get most from the grinder.
  • Manual meat grinder- Manual meat grinder is most appropriate for people who do not frequently grind meat. It requires effort to operate the tool. However, the manual grinder has maximum durability and if very effective.
  • Standalone meat grinder- This grinder enables you to grind large chunks of meat in a short period of time and without much effort. It can both be used on its own or accompanied by some replacing plate giving user different shapes of the food.

    Best meat grinder

    KitchenAid best meat grinder

  • Meat grinder attachment- The meat grinder attachment plays the same role as a stand mixer. It is most suitable for professional cooks and also homes that require a wide variety of cooking tasks.
  • An additional attachment aids in the perfect grinding of meat.
  • Most meat grinders can be dissembled and cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Quantities of Meat- Consider how frequently you will use the meat grinder. Whether you intend to use regularly or for just casual purposes is important while choosing a grinder. A more powerful grinder is appropriate for people who intend to grind meat frequently. If you intend to use the grinder regularly it would be important to choose an electric grinder that can grind in different sizes.
  • Stand Mixers
  • If you intent to grind large quantities of meat once in a while, then choose a grinder with a stand mixer. Some grinders offer stand mixers on purchase.

    best meat grinder

    How to choose best meat grinder

How to choose the best meat grinder

  • Electric and Manual Meat Grinders- While some meat grinders require manual effort to operate, others are electric. In manual meat grinders, a person is required to rotate the machine for the meat to be ground. In electric meat grinders, you are only required to switch on and the machine begins to operate. The electric meat grinder features a powerful motor and is suitable for commercial purposes. Home users can use the electric meat grinder to grind large amounts of meat.
  • You can also consider if the grinder comes with a warranty. You can also read reviews from other people who have used a certain type of grinder.

· Parts- Grinders are sold with parts including blade, screw, cover, hopper, pusher and plate. You can select a large plate in case you will be grinding large amounts of meat. If you will be grinding small amount of meat, then choose the small plate.