Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer

Fresh cut deli meat is the best way to eat deli meat! Or at least, that is what any good deli will try to tell you as they sell you your ten dollar pastrami sandwich. But, they may not be totally wrong, maybe fresh cut deli meat is indeed all the rage and we should all be eating our sandwiches at home with variable thickness meats. From meat slicer reviews, the people at Chef’s Choice thought the same thing and have come up with a solution for the deli enthusiast!

meat slicer reviews

Introducing the Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer. This food slicer can work wonders for the lunch meat that you want to put on your sandwich. And, because you own your own meat slicer, you can change up the thickness of your cut and find that perfect cut that is just right for you. This meat slicer is versatile and rugged, made of the finest stainless steel and cast aluminum pieces. The blade is large, giving you 7 inches of coverage to cut through larger meat hunks. And best of all, when you are finished, the slicer is easily cleaned and easy to store away until next usage. And, for safety purposes, the blade is protected and keeps your hand protected while in storage to save you from accidentally slicing yourself open.

The entire thing is powered by simply plugging in the machine to an outlet and then selecting your thickness and moving the meat back and forth as the meat slices off like a knife through butter. And, in their ultimate kindness, the people at Chef’s Choice provided a serving tray with the purchase of the meat slicer.

Of course, you probably want to know more about the nitty gritty details of the meat slicer, like what it can handle and what it can do for you. Fair enough. For starters, smaller meats can be cut but for safety are usually cut to a certain shortness and then done by hand the rest of the way. But you can throw a log of pepperoni on there and get some wonderfully thin slices or thicker slices if that is your speed. Secondly, you will have a ton of power behind that cutting, roughly 120 watts to blow through any size meat you want to cut.

Another nice feature of the meat slicer is that the movement of the ,eat tray through the slicing zone is nearly frictionless. Now, of course, this doesn’t mean that everything is going to be as amazing as the deli specific meat cutter. You cannot input thicknesses and then simply guide, your power is what is moving the meat through the slicer. So, the more pressure you put on the meat, the thicker your slice is going to be and the less pressure, the thinner it will be. Also, it is highly recommended that the blades are relubricated when removed and replaced, and the lubricant is sold separately. Also, again due to the pressure you put on the meat through the slicer, your meat may develop a tail, a problem most easily rectified by flipping the hunk on occasion throughout the slicing process.

Overall, this product seems like it is an above average meat slicer compared to others in the same category. For the price, this is a great purchase if you want to take control of slicing your own lunch meats or if you want to carve up the leftover hams and turkeys from holidays. Whatever the case may be, this product can serve your beginner needs, but may not be the product for the more advanced lunch meat slicers. For those, check out more meat slicer reviews.

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